3 Best Jazz Guitar Lessons Online

These days, you can do almost anything online and find answers to any question. It only makes sense that people would start learning how to play musical instruments online too. While face-to-face lessons with an instructor have their benefits, online lessons can be more affordable, customizable, and work around your schedule. With the growing popularity of online instrument lessons, there are numerous sites to choose from, but they don’t all offer the same level of service. When it comes to finding the best jazz guitar lessons, Jamplay, Guitar Tricks, and Jamorama are the top three sites worthy of your time, energy and money.

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1. Jamplay

Jamplay is one of the highest-rated online guitar lesson sites. Having taught over 500,000 members how to play guitar, they have built up a large community and a solid reputation based on high-quality instruction, video quality, selection, and world-class instructors.

Their lessons are suited for beginner, intermediate, and advanced, and progression is their goal. Regardless of where you start, progressing to the next level is what Jamplay can do for you. With their 400+ lessons to choose from, there is something for everyone from starting fresh to sharpening up your Jazz-playing skills.

Jamplay is also regarded highly for its ‘Artist Master’ series which features professional guitarists such as Brent Mason, Billy Idol, and Kaki King, to name a few. Not many sites offer the chance to learn to play guitar for successful professional musicians.

Jamplay also offers live guitar lessons that are streamed weekly and are all filmed in 4K in professional studios for premium instruction quality.

As progression is the end goal for all of Jamplay’s students, progress reports are a large part of the membership so members can see exactly which areas they are progressing in and which they need to continue working on.

There are also a number of guitar teaching apps and tools that focus on chords, scales, riffs, games and tuners. Jamplay wants their members to progress, but also realizes that people will be more successful if they are having fun while they are learning.

There is even a feedback system in place where members can recored themselves and get feedback from their instructors. They can earn badges and become active members in the Jamplay community.


• Wide range of instructors to choose from
• Over 400 lessons
• Numerous apps
• Progress reports
• Premium-quality videos
• Live lessons streamed weekly
• Master Artist series


• Videos and tools are not downloadable

2. Guitar Tricks

Guitar Tricks is Jamplay’s number-one competitor as the two have a lot of similarities.

Guitar Tricks uses its Core Learning System to place every lesson and drill into a musical context to keep it more interesting and enjoyable to progress. Their step-by-step system is regarded as extremely user-friendly and well suited to a wide range of playing abilities.

Having taught over 3 million members how to play guitar, anyone wanting to learn jazz guitar can find exactly what they are looking for at Guitar Tricks. Not only do they have a wide range of instructors to choose from, they also offer the option of one-on-one lessons for those needing that extra bit of customized instruction.

Guitar Tricks offers lessons in various musical styles and also has a popular ‘Favourite Song’ lesson option. After all, what’s the best part of learning how to play guitar? Being able to play your favourite songs, of course.

As the first online guitar lesson site established in 1998, they have an impressive library built up of over 11,000 lessons and more than 600 songs. Their world-class instructors are selected from around the world.


• First online guitar lesson site
• Huge library of lessons and song choices
• World-class instructors
• Downloadable videos and lessons
• Free trial option


• Older lessons are not the best quality
• Too few genre-based mini courses

3. Jamorama

Jamorama is a great online jazz guitar playing option for those who enjoy being part of an established online community. Jamorama is known as the ‘social media hub’ for those learning to play guitar or sharpen their guitar-playing skills. If you are wanting to share your guitar playing learning experience, Jamorama could be the site for you.

Jamorama has multiple lesson plans based on a variety of playing skills with individual lessons on mastering fingerpicking, chords, reading music, speed picking, guitar theory, guitar care and maintenance, and playing lead guitar.

While Jamorama does not have multiple instructors to choose from, it does have a fairly good variety of song choices to learn, and you can sign up with Jamorama for an affordable rate and start your online jazz guitar playing journey at your own pace.


• Affordable rate
• Great online community to join
• Multiple lessons for learning particular skills or musical genres


• Not an extensive number of instructors to choose from
• Not as extensive a lesson/song library as older sites

Online Guitar Lesson Selection Tips

Membership Price

When it comes to learning how to play jazz guitar online, there are a number of selection tips to consider. Firstly, make sure the membership rates of any sites you are considering are within your budget. Also, make sure that the introductory rate does not increase drastically. Some sites offer low membership rates, but to access many of the site’s features, you need to spend more.

Playing Style

Next, you want to make sure the style you want to learn in is an option. For those wanting to focus on playing jazz guitar, check to ensure that jazz is a style that is covered comprehensively by any site you are considering.

Instructor Quality

Consider the instructors as well. Many sites have an extensive list of world-class instructors to choose from, and some even have the option of trying a lesson for free to find out if you are compatible with the instructor; if not, you can move on to another. Again, make sure that the instructor you are interested in teaches in the style you are wanting to learn.

Song Library

If your ultimate goal of online guitar lessons is to learn to play some of your favourite songs, make sure that those songs are covered by your chosen site. Many sites have huge libraries of song choices, so this can be a great way to determine if the lessons can end up with you being able to play your favourite tunes.

Video Quality

If you have ever attempted to undertake a poorly-shot YouTube guitar lesson, you know how challenging it can be to learn on a medium that is not professionally shot or recorded in a professional studio. Make sure that any site you are considering has a certain quality of video recording, imaging, and audio to ensure you get the most out of your lessons.

Learning Guitar Online vs. Face-to-Face Instructor Lessons

While there are aspects of learning to play guitar through traditional face-to-face instructor lessons that are still beneficial, online guitar lessons also have a lot to offer.


Learning in person from an instructor is good for getting immediate feedback on your performance and progress, but online sites like Jamplay and Guitar Tricks also offer comprehensive progress reports and even the option of recording yourself for live feedback from instructors.


When it comes to affordability, online guitar lessons definitely win out. Face-to-face lessons can range anywhere from $30 to $100/hour. Online guitar lesson sites offer membership for as little as $20/month.

Also consider the stress of missing a pre-paid guitar lesson, whereas with online lessons, you show up when you can and there is no extra pressure of missing a lesson you have paid out of pocket for.


Customizability is a another huge benefit of online guitar lessons. If you commit to an instructor in person, you are committing to learning in their style of teaching. With online lessons, you have multiple instructors to choose from that teach in a wide variety of musical styles and genres. If you are unhappy with an online instructor, you can simply move on to another until you find your perfect match.

When it comes time to commit to one of the aforementioned online guitar lesson sites, Jamplay is our top choice, followed closely by Guitar Tricks, and them Jamorama. With Jamplay, progression is guaranteed. Regardless of where you start, you will leave each lesson with sharper playing skills and a better understanding of guitar theory. Jamplay’s extensive lesson and song choices are a huge membership perk, as are its popular ‘Master Artist’ series where members can learn straight from the guitar greats. Guitar Tricks, the founding online guitar lesson site, has been around since 1998, and in that time, they have built up an unrivalled library. Their goal is to make learning guitar as enjoyable as it is productive to encourage progression and commitment. With Jamorama, members enjoy comprehensive instruction for an affordable rate and enjoy the benefits of being part of an active social media online guitar playing community.